Your Best Online Business Options for 2024

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60% tax trap

Are you thinking about starting an online business, but you aren’t sure which one to start – you are here at the right place. There are several categories of online businesses that have had a lot of success, and there are others that are incredibly difficult to break into. 

Let us check out some of the best options for online businesses in 2024. 

High-Ticket Remote Closer Business

In this type of online business, you will either be a setter, which is usually someone who makes the initial contact with the lead – or – you will be a closer, who is someone who actually sells the products or services to the leads.

There are potential advantages and disadvantages of being a setter or a closer.

Setter vs. Closer

Now, closers tend to make more money – however – it is harder to get into this role, and it also requires a high level of skill. The setter – on the other hand – doesn’t make as much money as the closer – but it is much easier to learn and land a job. 

Going from zero to starting an online business is incredibly difficult, and if you look at the number one career path that millionaires have in common, it is almost always sales. Sales is kind of the gateway between being an employee and being a business owner. 

There are a lot of positions out there where you would be a growth partner – and in this case – you would be an entrepreneur, doing your own business but still doing a sales role. When it comes to high-ticket products or services, your options include skills, courses, the solar industry, the software industry, and the insurance industry. 

The reason why you get paid is that your payment is mostly based on commission. Now, as you start to make money, you should start understanding finances better, including the 60% tax trap, as you might have to pay taxes on your increasing profits. 

Why to Learn Sales to Boost Your Online Business 

The point is that sales is an incredibly valuable skill to learn – even if you end up not doing sales for very long. We recommend that everyone does this job at least once in their life because it reprograms your mind to think in a different way. 

You start to think about what the other person wants and not what you want. You prioritize what the other person wants because the only way to get good at sales is to have the emotional intelligence to realize that the other person wants something, and you need to connect your product to the thing they want. 

SMMA – Social Media Marketing Agency 

The next phenomenal thing in the world of online businesses in 2024 will be running a social media marketing agency. However, this industry is hard to break into. On that note, even if you break into it and you have a successful SMMA, it is incredibly stressful. 

You might have to take calls when you are out with your friends or on a date, as the client might need you to change something on their website or something at the funnel. When you opt to run a social media marketing agency, you are basically at your client’s beck and call. 

If you don’t serve your clients, they will just fire you. However, starting a social media marketing agency will teach you the fundamentals of business. Many of the most successful online businesses that you see today took their start from an agency-style business – similar to an SMMA.

The reason is that it is much easier to sell someone a product or a service that is exclusively known as Done-For-You. 

Choosing Between DFY and DWY

When you sell products or services, it is typically going to be a “done-for-you,” a “done-with-you,” or some sort of information-type product. If you look at things from the buyer’s perspective, you see that you are advertising to real estate agents, and you are teaching them how to get leads. They are incredibly busy, which is why it is much easier to sell them a done-for-you product than a done-with-you product or a course. 

Many businesses don’t have the time to go through a course, and they don’t have the time to go through coaching because courses are usually done with you. On that note, many businesses want you to take care of the problem for them. This aspect indicates why it is so much easier to sell service-based offers than it is to sell a coaching program or a course. 

That being said – there is a lot of work involved in launching a DFY business. So, if you understand the importance of being consistent, then nothing can stop you from success. 


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