Valorant Episode 9 Act I: A New Dawn

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valorant episode 9

Valorant blasts into Episode 9 Act I with a hefty patch brimming with exciting updates, including a new map, competitive mode for console players, Agent tweaks, and a revamped Path to Pro program for aspiring professionals. Let’s dive into the details of Valorant Patch Notes 9!

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New Map: Valorant Abyss

Enter Valorant Abyss, a hidden city beneath the ground, where you can experience this map’s true enigmatic nature. This is a tactical map with complex height variations that allow for aggressive side moves as well as thoughtful placements.

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Competitive on Console

valorant episode 9

The wait is over! Console players can now test their mettle in Competitive mode, battling their way up the ranks and aiming for the coveted Immortal Leaderboard. The initial map pool features a mix of classics and newcomers, with more maps being added throughout Valorant Episode 9 Act 1.

Valorant Agent Updates

  • Iso: The dashing duelist receives an adjustment to his Double Tap ability. While Iso remains a strong entry fragger, the decreased buff duration and removal of the kill reset mechanic encourage more thoughtful activation and counterplay opportunities.
  • Sova (Console): Sova’s Owl Drone gets a health buff, increasing its survivability and allowing for more daring recon plays.

Path to Pro Revamp

The Path to Pro program gets a major overhaul! The new Invite Division offers a stepping stone between Contender and Challengers, providing aspiring teams with a clear path for progression. Strict rematch protection and Bye mechanics ensure a smoother competitive experience in Premier.

Quality of Life Improvements

The game also makes a few Quality of Life improvements for its players. The following is everything that has been fixed in the current meta:

  • Console Controls: Players can now choose between a VALORANT-specific control preset or a traditional console FPS preset during initial setup.
  • Crosshair Variety: Updated crosshair presets offer a wider range of options to suit different aiming styles.
  • Aim Sensitivity: A new holistic Aim Sensitivity slider allows for more precise control over your aim.
  • Text Chat Penalties: Increased penalties for disruptive text chat behavior aim to create a more positive and welcoming environment.

Valorant Bug Fixes and Known Issues

The Valorant patch 9 addresses numerous bugs across all platforms, including Agent ability glitches, map exploits, and visual inconsistencies. Be aware of a few known issues, particularly the potential for control lockouts during console surrender attempts. These issues are being addressed and will be resolved in future updates.

Overall, Valorant Episode 9 Act I delivers a substantial content update, catering to both casual and competitive players. With a new map, competitive mode on the console, and a revamped Path to Pro program, there’s something for everyone in this exciting new Act.


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